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headshot2$150 per session Brian Johnson, B.A., Rolfer ®
Clinic Director- Certified Rolfing® Practitioner

I’ve been treating pain and dysfunction in clients since early 2000. As a Rolfer ® I try to form my work around the specific needs of the client, whether that be a 10-Series or treatment for specific issues.

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$120 per session Elaine Lee, B.S., Rolfer ®
Certified Rolfing® Practitioner

I provide sophisticated bodywork, specializing in injury rehabilitation, structural alignment, sports performance, and chronic pain conditions. more…

Joyful Movement is an Expression of Love.

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$120 per session
Trevor Getsla, CMT
Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner
Somatic Movement and Embodiment Practitioner
Visceral Manipulation
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Injury Rehabilitation

I base my hands-on therapy around the concepts and models of: structural integration, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral, advanced manual therapies, osteopathic therapies and perspectives, movement therapy and perceptual/neurological functionality, and a wide variety of orthopedic and deep tissue massage therapy techniques

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P1010240 (2)$150 Initial Eval (75min.)
$90 Follow up
(45 min.)
Jonathan D. Simon, DC
Cranial therapy/Chiropractic care

Our times and, for many of us, our lives are complex and stressful–and our bodies reflect this in many ways. Sometimes pain and injury, sometimes fatigue and loss of vitality, almost always an excess of tension and binding energy.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic first licensed in 1991, my work has evolved toward a focus on the stress response in stressful times, and its impact on the free flow within our bodies that correlates so strongly with health and well-being. I specialize in cranial therapy–complemented where indicated by gentle visceral, osseous, and myofascial adjustment–as it often provides the most direct access to and relief of the holding patterns that underlie most symptoms and health problems.  I also focus on prevention and retraining–exploring the simple changes we can make in the way we use our bodies that will help them stay integrated and flowing.

matt BIO 1 full room CRopped NICE headshot$120 per session Mathew Lombard,
Certified Rolfer® and Rolf Movement Practitioner®
Visceral Manipulation
Injury RehabilitationI practice Rolfing® with an emphasis on strategic movement techniques and education. I use the classic 10 series recipe with an individualised approach for chronic injury, sports performance, osteoarthritis and other repetitive motion strains. I’ve studied Rolfing Structural Integration® and Rolf® Movement Therapy in the US, Europe and Brazil. It is my belief through personal experience that with a balanced structure and efficient movement, a body can achieve harmony with gravity and move through life with less chronic stress and pain.Visit my website:
$120 – 60 min

Marcus McDonough, CMT, CFST,

Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue
Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)
Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Performance
I am dedicated to providing you high quality and exclusive treatments. I will always strive to meet your individual needs needs and concerns to promote your overall well-being.  I work with those wanting to rehab from an acute or chronic injury and athletes wanting to maintain or increase their mobility and restore function to improve athletic performance.
The bulk of my training and work stems from Thomas Myers school of Structural Integration, KMI, Kinesis Myofascial Integration and the Stretch To Win Institute.

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$250 initial eval
$150 follow-up
Brian Peternell D.O.
Traditional Osteopathy
Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative MedicineAs an osteopathic physician, I treat the whole person­—mind, body, and spirit—not just the symptoms that brought them in. In traditional osteopathy we recognize the interrelationships of structure, function, and an innate ability to heal oneself, and utilize these principles to craft a plan toward health.
$90 – 60 Min.
$135 – 90 Min.
Lisa Garratt, CMT, Yoga Instructor
Morales Method Core Integrative Bodywork (Level 2), Orthopedic Massage Therapy (CMT #20905)I specialize in therapeutic bodywork and treating people with injuries and pain using various levels of intensity.  I have trained in a variety of modalities and my work emphasizes integrative bodywork that is influenced by my years of teaching yoga and focuses on fascia, and joint mobilization and stability.  Additionally, I use techniques that include cranial sacral therapy and polarity to help with the integration and therapeutic process.  I am committed to continuing education and providing client-centered sessions.  I am currently studying with Advanced Rolfer, Marty Morales in San Francisco.  I have been in the field of yoga and bodywork since 2002.Visit my website: www.lisagyoga.comOn Facebook: Yoga and Massage with Lisa Garratt
Nazul-1$80 – 60 Min.
$120 – 90 Min.
Nazul Hernandez, CMT
Myoskelatal Alignment Therapy (MAT)
Myofascial Release (MFR)Active Isolated Stretching (Mattes Method)Injury rehabilitation and greater fluidity.
Based on the Awareness and dynamic movement of the human body. Background in manual therapy techniques that combine joint mobilization, myofascial release and stretch therapy. I am Dedicated to work in giving a combination of skilled manual therapy and intelligent corrective exercises to bring pain free movement and a greater sense of ease.