The Arm Series

The Arms – When you mention arm work, most people love the idea.  We all suffer from a little bit of compression in the arms and a little unwinding and lengthening sure could help.  We’ve designed this series of sessions as a basic template for systematically opening the arms from the wrist and hand up to the shoulder girdle. Everyone from office workers to surfers and laborers will love this template as a way to design a series specific to their individual needs. This can also be a great way to begin countering the effects of Carpal-Tunnel and other overuse/RSI injuries in the arms.

  • Improve grip strength by balancing flexor and extensor elements
  • Head off Potential or existing elbow issues by opening the elbow compartment
  • Increase comfort through decompression of wrist and forearm

  • Improve elbow joint stability and tracking through active range of motion
  • Find balance in the rotator cuff to find balance in the GH joint.
  • Begin to address any nerve line compression that could be hindering full arm movements.
Shoulder Girdle/Back:

  • Increase availability of shoulder to upper back integration
  • Open spine to create greater span and flexibility in the torso – ‘tying the spine to the hand’
  • Release the arms from the neck to give each a greater range of motion.