Series of Sessions

Midline has put together a few ‘series’ that are specific to the clientele we often see. This allows the therapist and client to assess a goal for treatment. “Health is a process, not an event” is a mantra we often use to describe how bodywork fits into general alternative health. Whereas you will most often feel significant change with only one session, it is not uncommon to want to continue the work a little further.  By doing a series of sessions we can adjust the treatments based on how the issues change over time.  We feel like this lends itself to a more ‘complete’ treatment.

Here are some of the Series we’ve put together:

The Rolfing 10-Series
– for a complete body reorganization. Aligning the body from feet to head.

The Climbing 3-Series – This was developed by elite climber and certified Rolfer® Elaine Lee to help identify and ease restriction in the arms/shoulders/back as applicable to climbing.

The Cyclist 3-Series – This was created in conjunction with Wade Hall (lead bicycle fitter at Spokesman Bicycles, Santa Cruz CA) to help identify and ease restriction in the legs as applicable to cycling.

The Arms – This is a 3 session series to…wait for it…open the arms! We Therapists LOVE arm work, and I’m sure you will too.

General Runner’s/ Tri-Athlete Bodywork – Brian started his career working on long distance runners and triathletes, so this kind of specialized sports treatment is a foundation for how we work with all athletes, no matter what the sport.