Runner / Tri Massage

Runners and Tri-Athletes can be some of the most intense athletes around, and the drive to get out, open up the legs and let the body go can often lead to unnecessary tightness. Bodywork for these kinds of athletes is mostly Deep Tissue Massage that flushes fatigued muscles. To begin, we start in the back, as the erectors that line both sides of the spine are the backbone to a good stride. From there, the low back, which helps to stabilize the pelvis and hip-flexors. Then into the glutes, or the hub of the body, this is where the upper-body and lower-body meet in a half-moon of flexors, rotators and extensors. The legs are then the focus, the hamstrings, glutes, calves and shins are all worked through completely, from insertion to origin of these often tired and tight muscle groups. For Tri-Athletes we will also try to incorporate arm and shoulder work due to the added stress of swimming. This is a great template to use with almost any high level athlete in training. Field sports and cross-fitters will also find this kind of work helpful to keep injury at bay and allow for a more intense training cycle. Talk to your therapist about tailoring this kind of session to your specific sport.