Rolfing ® – Structural Integration


Rolfing ® – Structural Integration is a style of sophisticated bodywork that looks to achieve a better sense of balance and ease of movement in the body. Often clients who have difficulty with posture, chronic pain or a sense of un-ease in their body find that Rolfing® helps them find a way back to integration.

Rolfing ® is based on three very fundamental ideas:

  1. Humans are constantly dealing with the force of gravity.
  2. The body is a whole and complete system. What affects one part affects the whole system.
  3. The body’s ‘fascial system’ is what dictates our shape, and this shape is changeable…at any age.

By understanding these three ideas, the therapist and client come to an understanding about what is difficult in the body and what needs to change to promote greater ease, improved structure and less strain on the body as a whole. In this way, the therapist may not focus completely on the area of concern. Often problems are eased within a session or two, but sometimes the issue may be a more global problem. In this case, we may recommend a Rolfing® Series, as the body may need a deeper shift to achieve a change. By working through the series, the body is lead into the deeper core areas of the body systematically and with greater support.

A Rolfing ® session is different from traditional Deep Tissue Massage in that there is a sense of education in the body that happens. Often clients stand up after a session and remark at how their body is behaving differently. These are not cognitive changes, they are changes at the instinct level of the body. Much like teaching someone to ride a bike, education happens through the experience, not through discussing it. Afterwards, discussions of new possibilities abound.

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