Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork is about having the muscle system accessed on more than a superficial layer. In offering bodywork that goes beneath the first few layers of tissue, our intention is to induce a physical change in the body. In that regard, the work is primarily focused on getting to those ‘trouble spots’ that often get missed in common massage sessions.

We will usually fore-go a traditional full body massage in favor of a session that addresses a few specific areas in depth. By working this way, we can weave a session tailored to the problem areas of the body.

Orthopedic Bodywork and Injuries | Sport Specific Bodywork

What to Expect in an Integrative Session
We will always address the core structures of the spine in a session, unless otherwise directed. This means complete access into the structures around the spine, lower back and neck. From there, we will often decide whether to focus in one of three areas: the shoulders/arms (upper girdle), the pelvis/legs (lower girdle) or the complete core (sacrum, spine and neck).

Whereas a whole-body massage session is very useful in bringing a relaxing quality to the body, we feel that our style of bodywork is best utilized in addressing particular ‘issues’ that seem to be persistent in your life. By allowing us the time to focus on these issues, we are hoping to provide an overall enhancement of health. This is very much a process and less of an ‘event’. Please let us know how best to address some of these areas in you.