Midline is a clinic devoted to alleviating pain through massage and bodywork. Our goal is to provide the best possible massage and bodywork experience possible. People come back to us again and again for one simple reason: quality work. If you’re looking for therapists who know how to access soft tissue and address the aches in your body, MIDLINE welcomes you.

MIDLINE is a vision that began many years ago when the owner, Brian Johnson, got injured. Suffering a back injury that put him out of work and on the couch of his parents he soon learned that sympathy only partially heals the body. This began the process of trying to find someone who understood what was going on and who could guide him out of the difficulties of injury. Being that his injury was of muscular origin, it wasn’t until he found a quality massage therapist and ultimately an excellent Rolfer, that he was able to regain his previous sense of health and vitality.

The interesting thing about bodywork is that it guides through touch. In our world we have many helpers who steer us through the eyes, ears and mind, but it is unique to be guided through the instinct of contact. Often with injury we find ourselves in a pattern that leads to a dead-end. With massage and bodywork, there is an opportunity to help the body find its way back to its previous state of health.

Please call for more information: (831) 421-9222