History of Rolfing

The originator of this work, Ida P. Rolf, was a woman of incredible vision. Early on, she found herself in a community of women who were curious about how to improve bodily structure and behavior in movement.

As a biochemist at the Rockefeller Center, she pioneered the study of ‘fascia’, the body’s connective tissue. She found that this system of tissue provides the shape and form of the body. Motivated by her curiosity to improve structure, Rolf developed many methods of manipulating fascia to improve it’s balance and length within the body, and to address patterns of movement that collided with gravity.

She was looking for ‘ease’ in the body, both in structure and movement. Her goal was to achieve an upright posture that worked in harmony with gravity. This led her to develop a ten-session series focused on bringing the body into greater balance. Rolf’s contributions to bodywork as a science continue to reverberate long after her death.

Rolfing® – Structural Integration | Rolfing® 10-Series

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