Cyclist 3-Series

Cycling Series – When a cyclist gets on a bike, they want the bike to flow smoothly with their legs. All too often a stiff ankle or a tight hip will throw ourselves out-of-wack and lead to an inefficient stride. We have designed a series of 3 sessions specifically designed to bring the legs into balance with a bicycle. This series was designed in conjunction with Wade Hall, head fitter at Spokesman Bicycles here in Santa Cruz, CA.

Aligning the Ankles, Knees and Hips

The Ankles

  • Smooth rotation and effortless glide
  • Efficient transmission of power to pedals
  • Stable base for straighter knee and hip tracking
The Knees

  • Balanced availability of power through quads and hamstrings
  • Establishing circular linear movements with ease
  • Decompression for comfort and endurance
The Hips

  • Making space for effective pedaling and aero-positioning angling
  • Integration of the pelvis with the support of the core
  • Balanced rotation for power through the entire pedal stroke