Climbing 3-Series

Reach Greater Heights

Elite Climbers – This series of sessions was developed by elite rock climber and certified Rolfer®, Elaine Lee. As any climber will tell you, it’s all about the arms. Whereas that is mostly true, it is also important to integrate movements across the whole body to create a smooth and effortless climb. This is where working with a Rolfer® can really open up your climbing to include strength across the whole body. All climbers, and athletes in general, will come to the table with a variety of specific issues that relate to their history, training and climbing levels. We use this series as a template, or jump-off point, to design a series that will address your structure and limitations. This way we can put you on the path to greater ease of movement and a more fluid climbing experience.

  • Improve grip strength by balancing flexor and extensor elements
  • Head off potential or existing elbow issues by opening the elbow compartment
  • Increase comfort through decompression of wrist and forearm

  • Improve shoulder joint stability through active range of motion
  • Find balance in the rotator cuff to prevent injury
  • Integrate shoulder girdle with core for increased power

  • Increase availability of core for greater efficiency of movement
  • Open spine to create greater span and flexibility in the torso
  • Free the cervicals to address ‘belayer’s neck’