Brian Johnson – Certified Rolfer ®

Brian and Shebreh

Brian primarily uses Rolfing® and the principles of Structural Integration to help alleviate pain and dysfunction in his clients. Through these principles he is able to treat many pain patterns that stem from structural issues in the body. He also utilizes other manual medicine principles to address issues of Trauma, Overuse Injury, Repetitive Stress Injury and chronic pain patterns. He will often turn to Osteopathy, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Movement Therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports injury rehab and post-surgical methods to treat more pain specific clients.  The merging or Rolfing with these more traditional approaches to therapy are what make Brian’s sessions unique and thorough.

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Brian Johnson started doing rehabilitation bodywork in 2001, working with distance runners and triathletes in and around the Palo Alto/Stanford area with SMI.  After moving to Santa Cruz, he began working with Rod and Murray Flemming in their PT clinic working with post surgery and injury recovery clients.  In 2004 Brian completed his Rolfing® certification to further expand his ability to work with pain, dysfunction and structural issues.  He opened Midline Integrative Bodywork Clinic and School of Integrative Bodywork in an effort to help expand the massage and bodywork field in the world of alternative health. Brian is constantly engaged in learning more about the nature of injury and dysfunction and how issues can be addressed within the scope of a sophisticated bodywork practice.

Brian lives on the Westside of Santa Cruz with his wife and two young boys.  He regularly surfs up and down the north coast and loves to play in the ocean, whether here in Santa Cruz, Mexico/Baja or Hawaii.  Brian also plays soccer with a local team (Grasshoppers) and Ultimate Frisbee.  He came here in late 1992 to UCSC where he captained the mens Ultimate team (1996) and majored in Linguistics.  Languages are still a major hobby, having studied Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and currently Farsi (his wife is Persian).  His interest in Rolfing® came after suffering a back injury while river rafting (Brian was a river guide on the Tuolomne and Merced Rivers from 1994-1999). Rolfing® returned him to full health.

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